Our encouraging and supportive learning environment is designed to provide a fun and rewarding musical experience for each chorister. The choristers learn a variety of music for each of two terms during our regular performance season. 

Concepts about music and musical skills will be instructed and reviewed throughout the season. Expect your chorister to learn about melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, and performance. No previous musical knowledge is required — we learn as we participate, and all skill levels are coached and encouraged. 

Our Key Values

Kind and respectful interactions among choir members will ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Here's what we expect:
• Promote respect for all points of view;
• Build an environment of positivity and encouragement;
• Be friendly and inclusive toward all members.

Mission Statement

  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of the choral arts;
  • Develop musicianship, self-esteem, and confidence;
  • Establish lasting friendships in a positive, inclusive environment;
  • Encourage members to grow as leaders for the future, in our local community as well as the global community.

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