Code of Conduct


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote and strengthen the reputation of Durham Girls’ Choir by establishing standards of performance and behaviour for choir members. In addition it seeks to encourage conduct which would have a positive effect on the growth and enjoyment of all our members.

Key Values

Kind and respectful interactions among choir members will ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone – please do your part!
• Promote respect for all points of view
• Build an environment of positivity and encouragement
• Be friendly and inclusive toward all members

Be respectful

Help maintain a professional and uplifting atmosphere at all rehearsals and performances by demonstrating respect and courtesy to fellow choir members as well as your Director, Accompanist, and Choir Manager.

Be a team player

Choral music is a team effort, and all singers are responsible for their own parts. Be supportive and helpful to other singers in your section – never critical. There is a wide range in musical abilities among the members of our choir, but we never want anyone to feel less than welcome and accepted. When you hear people around you struggling with a part, raise your hand and ask how the part should sound. It is not necessary to point out those who are singing incorrectly – allow that person to correct themselves.

Be flexible in your musical judgements

In an ensemble situation musical expression may not always to be to your personal liking. The ultimate artistic interpretation and presentation is the responsibility of the Director, and it is the job of the singers to trust and implement this vision as accurately as possible.

Be Present and Attentive

Singing in a choir is a sociable pastime and choirs are full of sociable people. The camaraderie in a choir is one of the most important aspects! Feel free to make merry to your hearts' content before and after rehearsal. While it is easy to slip into a habit of chatting during rehearsal, ongoing chatter slows down progress, and makes it difficult for others to focus. Rehearsal time is reserved for preparation of the music.

Please show respect for the Director, Accompanist, and for your fellow singers by maintaining silence in your section while others are singing, and while the Director is talking. Singers can learn so much about their own part by listening to what is said when the Director is working with another section. Participate fully in our valuable rehearsal time by following your part on the music, while another section is practicing. Suggestions and directions covered in one section will often apply to all sections.

Let Us Know!

It is important to us that we continue to meet the expectations of our singers and their parents. If you have concerns, questions, or comments, please let us know – our Director, Choir Manager and executive committee are all willing and able to help in any way they can to ensure that your experience in Durham Girls’ Choir is the best it can be.

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