Weekly rehearsals are held on Monday evenings in our regular practice space at Faith United Church (1778 Nash Rd.), in Courtice. We rent this space for rehearsals, though our choir is not church-affiliated. 

The junior choir rehearses from 6-7pm, and the senior choir rehearses from 7-9pm. 

Choristers are encouraged to practice at home between weekly rehearsals, as well as practice along with digital rehearsal tracks provided throughout the season.

Our rehearsal space is distraction-free: cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off or put away during rehearsals.  


Attending each rehearsal is very important, and consistent attendance ensures that choristers are comfortable with their music and prepared to perform. 

Choristers are required to arrive at least five minutes before rehearsal to sign the attendance roster, and get prepared for rehearsal.

Choristers may be required to attend additional rehearsals when necessary (such as before a major concert). Advance notice for additional rehearsals is always provided for choristers and their parents.



Our formal performance uniform includes a choir gown, black nylons and black closed-toe shoes. 

Our casual uniform includes a Durham Girl’s Choir black hoodie and dark pants. Pants can be black, navy, or dark denim with no rips. 

Information about ordering uniforms will be provided with your registration package.

Uniforms (both formal and casual) are worn for performances only. Our regular weekly rehearsals do not require a uniform.

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