Get to know people just like you.

In choirs, you often find people who like similar music or are inspired by beautiful music. You may feel right at home around people with similar interests, which can boost your sense of belonging.

Learn to be confident on the stage.

On stage with your peers, you may find that your anxieties about performing dissolve. If you feel comfortable within a group, you may be able to transfer that comfort level to other tasks, such as speeches and presentations.

Discover how to listen carefully.

When singing in a choir, you have to listen so that your voice blends with the voice of the person next to you, as well as with the sounds of the particular type of song you’re singing.

Discover how to monitor your sound based on how it feels.

If you can’t hear your voice standing out, you have to rely on the feeling to determine whether your technique is still in good shape.

Improve your focus.

Picking out your part when the other voices of the choir are surrounding you is a good workout for musical ear training and focus.

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